Adam Moroz

It’s early morning and I am sitting in front of my computer sipping on my pink Snapple thinking and staring at a blank page. The assignment seems simple. Write your “about page”. I should know myself quite well. After all, I have lived with myself the longest. This should be easy, right? But, I find “about pages” difficult. So often they are steeped in bad metaphor, self aggrandizement and name dropping. None of that is relevant to the work. So, what is the purpose of the “about page”? Is it to offer some insight into my work ethic? Is it to showcase my client list? In five hundred words or less define your personality in a way that is both professional and pleasant. Ready? Go...

I feel like I am at a doctor's office filling out a questionnaire of my history. “Do you smoke?” Check “yes” or “no”. Well, I used to smoke but now I don’t. Which one do I check and do I write an explanation in the margin? I have a hard time doing any of these things without cringing at the idea of writing about myself.

Instead, I offer this. I love what I do. It took me a long time to end up here. At 30 years old I quit my job and decided to be a photographer. Since then I have enjoyed the ability to do this full time and also pay my rent. I enjoy the people I meet and the interactions between them are always different. Projects are turned in on time and I welcome a collaborative environment. But ultimately these words pale in comparison to whether or not you like the work you see.