Fashion in the street

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Woman stairs pleated shorts blouse

It was a sweltering summer afternoon in Austin when I met with Alexa. She and I had met a long while before at pool party through a mutual friend but it had been some time since we had seen each other. One day I was walking past Halcyon on my way to a meeting and I saw her sitting with some friends. Very briefly in passing I mentioned we should go and take some pictures. She agreed under the condition that it would have to wait until after final exams.

Fashion woman downtown pleated short blouse

Eventually, we managed to make out into the world and shoot a few editorial images for her book. She hadn’t done much modeling and thinking it may be fun she came over with a mess of clothes. We picked a simple outfit and meandered onto the city streets in search inspiration. I started shooting her as we walked and would occasionally ask her to stop, turn and look at me. Or, I would hang back and wait for her to look over her shoulder wondering why I wasn’t keeping up.


Adam Moroz


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